Saturday, August 05, 2006

What do you think?

Look what I found!
So you guys interested?

btw, can you all indicate your interest for the following:
"2-day/1-night" game fiesta...

location: some resort hotel (last time i organized this was 2000 in avillion, pd).
cost: room cost + food. (figure rm200 incl b/fast, lunch, dinner).
schedule: 1200 check-in. 100-300 game #1; 300-700 game #2; 700-800 dinner; 800-1000 game#3, 1000-100 game#4. next day: 800-900 bfast; 900-1000 game#5; 1000-100 game#6; 100-200 lunch; 200-600 game#7.

7 games of various durations from 1-4 hours each.

accommodation: twin share will be cheaper.
games: tba.
rules: to be read in advance.
number of gamers: target 4 per table.
rotation: players rotate according to position after every game.
points: awarded for each game.

prize: tba.

any interest?

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