Sunday, August 27, 2006

Library Update

2 new games has been added to our library. Citadels and Ra. So come to our next game session and you might have a chance to play them.


LonelyGamer said...

Hi, Ankabut.
I am intending to get my first batch of eurogames to start my own gaming sessions with my friends. Just wish to seek your advice on the shipping cost of games delivery from online stores in states. Is there any rough method of calculation? Do they send straight to you in Ipoh? Need to decide if cheaper to get from or from online stores.
Thanks in advance.

Kamen Rider Ankabut said...

Why not just come and play with us at local gameshop.

The Game Vault is located behind Jusco next to Tesco. It's closed the first week end of September.

You could game from mee too! I pool orders. Pooling orders saves on shipping and you could get discounts.

E-mail me. Click my profile and e-mail me.