Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First Look - Fury of Dracula

Fury of Dracula is a 2 to 5 player game where 1 player plays the vampire Dracula and the other players plays as the vampire hunters. The goal of the game is to defeat Dracula before Dracula kills everyone or time runs out.

Fury of Dracula is brimmed with atmosphere. Each game engine and system fits well and with a reason.

There is a night and day cycle, at night Dracula is stronger.

Seating order is important, players gets their characters based on turn order. This might seems bad at first taking away the freedom of choosing your own character. There is a good reason for this, the game balances itself with the number of players and the players abilities balances out with the game. Not only that, each characters ability fits like a glove.

During the game players will be able to gather items and event cards. Event cards are your typical game modifiers. However the items has a very interesting engine, they balance out. Mundane weapons such as knives and guns works as you would expect with common enemies but does almost nothing to Dracula. There are only some event card and some rare items that are effective against Dracula. These cards are powerful more often only against Dracula. This makes the game epic and misunderstood. Some say that Dracula is too easy to be killed because he is weak. Actually he is easily destroyed because the only way to kill him is by powerful extraordinary means. Do not expect to damage Dracula in a fist fight, or a gun fight, he will own you. Players will need to search for Dracula avoiding his traps gather means to destroy him and actually defeating him within the time limit.

Like any board game the fun factor of this game is largely based on the players. Dracula player needs to be sneaky and with a plan. Hunters needs to be cleaver and choose their moves wisely.

The first impressions of this game is good. High quality components, beautiful art, good size with ample storage space, heavy with theme and atmosphere. Do not expect an expansion for this game, its engine is so tightly woven that I do not think that it is possible.

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