Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey Ipoh Gamers!

We need to plan a weekend gaming session this long weekend.  So the question is:

  • On what day should we do a game session?
  • And what at what time?

Please e-mail me or leave a comment so that we could plan a gaming session we could all attend.

I am composing another wish list. Yes I am doing another board game wish list. Why so soon? I am doing the list now to avoid any unwanted surprises like the game being out of stock or the price being different then expected.

So leave a comment with games you would like to play and we just might get it.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Library Update

2 new games has been added to our library. Citadels and Ra. So come to our next game session and you might have a chance to play them.

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Games Are In!

All the games listed previously has arrived. All the games seems to be bigger then expected.

So make your pick, choose a game, and let the play begin!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

This Week In Gaming

Here is the list of games that are coming this week:

Samurai RM187

Ra RM165

Niagara RM198

Dungeon Twister RM143

Dungeon Twister 3 to 4 Player RM143

Dungeon Twister Paladin RM110

Bohnanza RM88

Citadels RM99

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Maybe I Should Have

Only three gamers showed up yesterday and one of them was very hungry. It was raining.

It is times like these that shows the lack of games playable with small numbers of players our library. However we did a few hands of Texas Hold' em, Enchanted Forest (which needs some house rules), and an agreement to give Monopoly with The One Wau rule a chance.

Somehow I could not speak or make a coherent sentence throughout the session so we could not do a World of Darkness trial session.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Fury Of Dracula - Review

Fury of Dracula, like any game with one player playing the antagonist has its inherent strengths and weaknesses but its balance and intuitive game engine more then makes up for this.

The fun level of this experience is highly based on the players playing the game. The player playing Dracula must be cunning, using trickery to mislead the hunters, not afraid of loosing a few blood points to achieve the desirable ends. Hunters however needs to be cleaver, like detectives solving the mysteries of the whereabouts of the vampire, and intelligently spread their recourses in hunting the him down.

This is how the game should be if all the players are balanced.

Many complain that the game is unbalanced as hunters seems to have an advantage. The opposite is also true to others. This is the biggest weakness of games with one player playing the antagonists. If the antagonist is the one winning 4 other players are bored and if the hunters are winning, the antagonist usually the owner of the game would not want to bring the game to the table anymore.

The rules are simple and intuitive enough that players can easily take turns playing Dracula each game so that helps solves that problem.

Battles and Dracula phase may signal a long downtime for players. Although battles in the game are as simple as choosing a card, rolling a dice and checking the effects, but because of the consequences of battles players tend to take time to plan. This could easily be solved by planning ahead. Unlike the hunters phase where hunters may discuss and plan, Dracula's phase concerns only the Dracula player. This is another situation where forward planning could be the solution to.

Overall, I love this game. Some pre-game advice and player preparation could improve the game even more. I would bring this game out once every other gaming session. Play it twice per session and a different Dracula per session

Saturday, August 19, 2006

ntneko's Game Wish List

Heya all,

So far only Ankabut has chimed in with a wish list so I thought I'd add my 2-cents in:

Cleopatra & the Society of Architects
El Grande Decennial Edition
Railroad Tycoon

There're plenty of games out there that are good, so have a look and post up what you may be interested in! We may have a supply for boardgames soon so don't hold back!

See you guys this weekend and c'mon, bring your friends!

Friday, August 18, 2006

M.I.A. This Week End... Maybe

I might not be able to make it to the gaming session this weekend. Although the actual cause of all this is tomorrow and it will end before noon, I do not like to do anything else until it is over and I might be too tired to make it for Sunday.

Game Wish List

Here is my current wish list of games. Mainly consisting of Euro-games, a genre that we are short of, this list also consist of some card games for those short gaming sessions.

Board Games

Power Grid.

Card Games 

Dungeoneer: Tomb of Lord Lich.

If there is no other serious game list posted this might be the list of games that I will order in.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

News Update.

Hello! Is anyone there?

My notebook adapter blew a puff of smoke and I was offline for a day. What happened in that day?

A tool Windows Live Writer was released. A free blogging tool that is easy to use and independent of any other programs. I use to use Performancing (Firefox Plug-in) and Word Blogger (MS Word Plug in). Download it and check it out. It will make posting a whole lot easier.

The Dwarfs expansion for Battlegrounds and at first glance Dwarfs seems to have an advantage in almost everything except speed. Thank you Bortacks for this info. now get the app from the link above and post!

Yesterdays gaming session was canceled I was busy. I got allot of stuff to do this wee and I might even miss this weekend game completely. I should however be free next week.

I sure hope you guys are reading this because I will not put whole stories on e-mail anymore.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Slow Week Huh?

Blog, it has been seven days since our last post. We have not game for a whole week and last Sunday we did a game of Fury of Dracula and a game of Ticket to Ride.

It was the first time that we played Fury of Dracula with some understanding of the rules and the first time we played a proper game of Ticket to Ride. I will need at least one more session with these games before I could honestly review it. Both are great games that I hope to see more game time.

PS: Do you think we should start posting pictures?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Game Session Cancled

I just finish my first look post on Fury of Dracula the newest game in your library (which reminds me...) only to find out that I have to cancel our gaming session tonight August 8 2006.

It is unavoidable.
Go visit one of our blogs, or post on your own blog, or kiss a girl or something.

Arranged in consistency of postage order:

Or answer this question:
If you have RM1000 what Board Games and Card Game (no CCGs) would you get?

See you this week end at The Game Vault...

First Look - Fury of Dracula

Fury of Dracula is a 2 to 5 player game where 1 player plays the vampire Dracula and the other players plays as the vampire hunters. The goal of the game is to defeat Dracula before Dracula kills everyone or time runs out.

Fury of Dracula is brimmed with atmosphere. Each game engine and system fits well and with a reason.

There is a night and day cycle, at night Dracula is stronger.

Seating order is important, players gets their characters based on turn order. This might seems bad at first taking away the freedom of choosing your own character. There is a good reason for this, the game balances itself with the number of players and the players abilities balances out with the game. Not only that, each characters ability fits like a glove.

During the game players will be able to gather items and event cards. Event cards are your typical game modifiers. However the items has a very interesting engine, they balance out. Mundane weapons such as knives and guns works as you would expect with common enemies but does almost nothing to Dracula. There are only some event card and some rare items that are effective against Dracula. These cards are powerful more often only against Dracula. This makes the game epic and misunderstood. Some say that Dracula is too easy to be killed because he is weak. Actually he is easily destroyed because the only way to kill him is by powerful extraordinary means. Do not expect to damage Dracula in a fist fight, or a gun fight, he will own you. Players will need to search for Dracula avoiding his traps gather means to destroy him and actually defeating him within the time limit.

Like any board game the fun factor of this game is largely based on the players. Dracula player needs to be sneaky and with a plan. Hunters needs to be cleaver and choose their moves wisely.

The first impressions of this game is good. High quality components, beautiful art, good size with ample storage space, heavy with theme and atmosphere. Do not expect an expansion for this game, its engine is so tightly woven that I do not think that it is possible.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tuesday Night Gaming Sessions

We are going to do a gaming session every Tuesday night at my house and every week end at The Game Vault. Look at the vertical bar on the right. I am only going to post if a there is additional game session or if a game session is cancel.

So please e-mail me if you are coming end even if you are not.
Help us make our game sessions sucessful.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

What do you think?

Look what I found!
So you guys interested?

btw, can you all indicate your interest for the following:
"2-day/1-night" game fiesta...

location: some resort hotel (last time i organized this was 2000 in avillion, pd).
cost: room cost + food. (figure rm200 incl b/fast, lunch, dinner).
schedule: 1200 check-in. 100-300 game #1; 300-700 game #2; 700-800 dinner; 800-1000 game#3, 1000-100 game#4. next day: 800-900 bfast; 900-1000 game#5; 1000-100 game#6; 100-200 lunch; 200-600 game#7.

7 games of various durations from 1-4 hours each.

accommodation: twin share will be cheaper.
games: tba.
rules: to be read in advance.
number of gamers: target 4 per table.
rotation: players rotate according to position after every game.
points: awarded for each game.

prize: tba.

any interest?


I am selling off my PS2.

Yes, I am officially selling off my modded PS2 (not slim). For RM750 (~204USD) you will get the following:

1 Modded PS2 (not Slim) console with adapter (220 – 110) and AV cables
1 Original Controller
1 Third Party Controller
1 Wireless Third Party Controller
1 Original GunCon2 Light Gun
1 Original PS2 Memory Card (8MB)
1 Third Party PS2 Memory Card (8MB)
1 Vertical Stand/4 Port Controller Adapter

And maybe a few games
E-mail me if you are interested Ok?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Not our only

Click on our Profiles, give it a try.
Check out Resident Meeple members personal blogs.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Session Report - Tuesday August 1 2006

Only 2 Orks, and 1 Human deck left.

Today was another 101 session with Battleground. My place is not the place to do 2 Battleground games at once. We should practice and demo the game more at The Vault. Once we are good at the game then we can do scenarios and missions. Time is the biggest constraint in every of our gaming sessions. This makes war games a tough edition to the library. We need to refine the rules even further making it a faster game. We need more dice, some straight rulers, more sleeves and some markers.

After the game me and Bortacks tried out some Xbox 360. with the right game and the right situation I think there is no loss in getting more controllers.

This week end is going to be spent at the vault. I am going to give Ticket to Ride (five players) and Battleground a try and if there is a huge turnout I'm pulling out Bang!

So try your best to make it to our friendly local gaming store this weekend.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Aritime Bonus Scam: Att Celcom Users

This might not be new news but you should know. There is an SMS scam out there. Using Celcoms ability to tranfer credits scammers are sending SMS saying that if you send this to this number you'll get free Airtime. Actually they are stealling from your airtime.

If you get one of these SMS, report it to e-mail (