Wednesday, August 16, 2006

News Update.

Hello! Is anyone there?

My notebook adapter blew a puff of smoke and I was offline for a day. What happened in that day?

A tool Windows Live Writer was released. A free blogging tool that is easy to use and independent of any other programs. I use to use Performancing (Firefox Plug-in) and Word Blogger (MS Word Plug in). Download it and check it out. It will make posting a whole lot easier.

The Dwarfs expansion for Battlegrounds and at first glance Dwarfs seems to have an advantage in almost everything except speed. Thank you Bortacks for this info. now get the app from the link above and post!

Yesterdays gaming session was canceled I was busy. I got allot of stuff to do this wee and I might even miss this weekend game completely. I should however be free next week.

I sure hope you guys are reading this because I will not put whole stories on e-mail anymore.

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