Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Session Report - Tuesday August 1 2006

Only 2 Orks, and 1 Human deck left.

Today was another 101 session with Battleground. My place is not the place to do 2 Battleground games at once. We should practice and demo the game more at The Vault. Once we are good at the game then we can do scenarios and missions. Time is the biggest constraint in every of our gaming sessions. This makes war games a tough edition to the library. We need to refine the rules even further making it a faster game. We need more dice, some straight rulers, more sleeves and some markers.

After the game me and Bortacks tried out some Xbox 360. with the right game and the right situation I think there is no loss in getting more controllers.

This week end is going to be spent at the vault. I am going to give Ticket to Ride (five players) and Battleground a try and if there is a huge turnout I'm pulling out Bang!

So try your best to make it to our friendly local gaming store this weekend.

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