Monday, August 14, 2006

Slow Week Huh?

Blog, it has been seven days since our last post. We have not game for a whole week and last Sunday we did a game of Fury of Dracula and a game of Ticket to Ride.

It was the first time that we played Fury of Dracula with some understanding of the rules and the first time we played a proper game of Ticket to Ride. I will need at least one more session with these games before I could honestly review it. Both are great games that I hope to see more game time.

PS: Do you think we should start posting pictures?


HongY!pp!e said...

pictures? yes please...i have taken so many pictures of our sessions but it all went to the recycle bin due to the fact that i dunno wat to do wif em...

hiewchoksien said...

yes, some pictures would be nice. i'm a gamer in KL. it's been enjoyable following other gamers' blogs on boardgame sessions & game comments.