Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tuesday Night Game Session - 30th May

Hey it is still Saturday right?

I was having doubts of doing a Thursday night game because it is so close to my trip. But I guess its ok to here is the announcement of a Tuesday night gaming session.

There is no promise of food so I guess we will order some McDonalds or something? All I got is Pepsi. The games for this gaming sessions are going to be card games. Short and fast.

Bang! (with house rules on the “Jail” card. A player can only be held in jail for no longer then the amount of life he/she has)
Give Me The Brain
Poker (Texas Hold'em)
and maybe Shadows Over Camelot.

Just small short games.

At first I wanted to use biscuits, or M&M's as something to play for in poker but “winning” food that has been passed around by multiple hands does not seem like a win situation. Anyway games are going to start as usual after twilight prayers (1930hrs) and if you have any ideas or news please e-mail me.

Finally what do you think, since it is usually the same band of gamers that participate in the games, if we do an RPG session once in a while?

Early to rise, early to bed, makes a man healthy, wealthy and dead.

--Rincewind, The Light Fantastic


Hans a.k.a. Arthas said...

Yea, I'm on for the gaming session. McD for dinner again??? Cool!!! then in that case I'll forget about cooking my own dinner, haha...... Catcha on Tuesday night then.

Looking forward to games.

HongY!pp!e said...

the pain is not available...u guys have fun...