Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Session Repot for 2nd May

We started our game late.  Two of us had  delays and when we all got together we ordered some McDonalds and taking orders took me a while.

Our first game for the evening was Shadows Over Camelot. I played King Arthur, Bortacks played Sir Bedivere, Arthas played Sir Galahad, and Dark Elf played Sir Percival.  Like any session of Shadows Over Camelot it all started great. King Arthur, confident with his ability to find the holy grail headed for the quest, while the other knights drew cards preparing themselves for a quest. Sir Bedivere  did a lot of mistakes leading us to think that he was the traitor. He also manage to finish and win the quest for Lancelot's armour, but none of us dares to accuse him for it is rare that there is a traitor among us. Sir Galahad was new and he played a card that shows that he was no traitor. Sir Pircival has a strategy, to he has the ability to foresee trouble and he had a plan to keep his heath. After successfully winning a battle against the Saxons Sir Pircival came to Arthur's aid. The quest for the grail was almost to the end when  waves after waves of despair sends Arthur back to Camelot to replenish himself. Sir Bedivere does his best to discard useless cards and passes the useful ones to Arthur.

The challenge of the Black Knight were ignored, the holy grail was won by with the aid of all, the protection of Camelot against the Picts, the siege engines and the quest for the Excalibur were our goals. With equal number of black and white swords on the round table Sir Galahad won a hard fought battle against the Picts and Mordred. In the efforts  of protecting Camelot from the siege engines the Sir Galahad was lost, thus Sir Palamedes takes his place. The efforts to gain the sword Excalibur is then headed by Sir Pircival while the others protected the castle and exchange cards. The number of siege engines was threatening us closer to our doom and the quest for seems like a lost cause. On the round table were about 6 white swords and 4 black swords, the end is near and we must survive.

With the final push King Arthur sacrificing his replenished life, replenished by the Grail to get the mighty sword. So close to winning and so close to defeat by the siege engines, Sir Palamedes calls upon the lady of the lake thus winning the knights the Excalibur, two white swords and  the game. But all was not well in Camelot for there was a traitor amog us.  Sir Percival! While Sir Bedivere takes all suspicions away from Sir Percival, the traitor keeps in his hands powerful cards, throwing away some of them into the lake for Excalibur. Turning  2 white sword to black by not being found out, the game ended with the traitor winning the game with 6 black swords and 6 white swords.

Arthas loves to talk about his women...

Our second game was Avalon Hill version of Cosmic Encounter. I have to say that I never really had a good session playing this game. It is true that although the production quality of Avalon Hill's version of Cosmic Encounter is good there is something amiss. I played the Parasite, strong at first by aligning myself with everyone else I lost because of my mistake. Arthas played Empath. He was quite ill by the time we started this game. He did some clever moves but he was not at his best. Bortacks came in strong but nnot as strong as he could be. Playing the Oracle his strategy was war his limitation was in the orders and his hand. Finally Dark Elf was the winner again with Chronos. Dominating on my mistake after being tied with me at 4 other planets each, he won the game.

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