Monday, May 29, 2006

EPL off season, Saturday nights are cool!

Hey guys,

Yesterday a couple of us were talking and were wondering if people would be interested in gaming nights on Saturday at the Vault. I'm thinking of it as an alternative gaming night to supplement the existing Tuesday night sessions.

I'm happy to start it at 8.30pm Saturday nights if people are interested. This offer is good so long as Liverpool isn't having a live match telecast on Astro during the EPL season :)


Kamen Rider Ankabut said...

Saturday night are cool. We have discussed this many time. It could work maybe better then out current set-up but there are problems with gaming at The Vault Saturday Nights:

(We usually order out at my place unless mom cooks something)

Game Time
(Usually game from 1930hrs to about 2300hrs 1 to 3 games early to bed, just right)

(Magic players like to board game too, we do gaming nights on week days so that gamers don't have to be out all day. MTG players plays weekend afternoon to the evenings another session the same night could be too much)

Anyway I will leave this to the gamers.

HongY!pp!e said...

i'm all in for it. no offense but ankabut's place is kinda far. far like isolated type of far.

addressing ankabut's problem:

wat dya mean there is a problem?mcd,kfc,pizza hut,mamak,u name it,chances r, its available nearby.v dun mind u bringing ur mum's delicious food though. love d nasi lemak.

game time
i guess maybe v can start around 8 to maybe like 1130?i guess most of us dun wake up early on sunday. jz guessing.

this i leave to the respective players to decide. way i c it, magic players who play boardgames r darkelf,neko,arthas n me. i m fine with it. neko is fine with it. darkelf and arthas i dunno. i guess they would b up for it too.

my suggestion,why dun v try it out once when ankabut is back from bangkok n c how it goes. then v collect feedback and evaluate the situation again.

wat say u ppl?

p.s. i'm still trying to bring a few guys to join us. hope to get +ve feedback from em. i think doing it at the vault would make it easier.