Thursday, May 18, 2006

GPT KL - Reminder

i Everyone,

The next event in Ipoh will be a Trial for Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur! That’s right, this year the Grand Prix circuit will be making a stop in our very own backyard on 3-4 June. So here’s your chance to win some prizes as well as a 3-round bye to GP-KL!

Event: GPT Kuala Lumpur

Date: 21 May 2006

Time: 10am registration, 10.30 start

Venue: Game Vault, 15A Jalan Medan Ipoh 6, Bandar Baru
Medan, 31400 Ipoh. Tel: 012-3876288

Format: Sealed Deck (1 Ravnica tournament Pack, 1
Guildpact booster and 1 Dissension booster). Top 8
Booster Draft

Entry Fee: RM50


1st place: 3 Round BYE + 36 Dissension Boosters

2nd place: 18 Dissension Boosters

3rd & 4th place: 9 Dissension Boosters

5th to 8th place: 6 Dissension Boosters

9th to 16th place: 3 Dissension Boosters

17th to 32nd place: 2 Dissension Boosters

A Grand Prix only comes to KL once every 2 years so don’t miss out on your chance to start out ahead of the rest with a 3-round bye! See you at the trial!


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