Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Board Game Session Report - 16th May

Firstly I would like to announce that we broke the 4 player record.
The game went well today. We managed to do a 5 player Puerto Rico and a 4 player game of Bang!

With some egg sandwiches and sardine sandwiches, a bottle of orange cola and a bottle of ginger beer be begun our game.  Dark Elf was late to the table. We have just finished dealing out Give Me the Brain when he arrived with the much anticipated Puerto Rico, at last a full 5 player game of Puerto Rico. Each player excited, each with a unique strategy in mind. The game started slow with set up and a new player Vhleow.

I tried the concentrating my resources on producing goods.
Vhleow was experimenting for his first game.
Bortacks concentrated mainly on producing doubloons and getting bonus buildings.
Arthas again concentrated too much on populating his plantations and buildings.
DarkElf goes straight for bonus buildings.

Bortacks and Dark Elf started off strong in the game with Arthas on their tail Vhleow making erratic choices and finally me with a weak start. With money and buildings Bortacks and Dark Elf had an easy time with Arthas constantly choosing to play mayor. Vhleow by the middle of the game got the hang of it and had a full plantation. I on the other hand was wasting building rounds but caught up in points during shipping. Without money I could not buy bonus buildings. Arthas has almost the same situation as I, except he had a larger variety of expansive goods. Alas the game is decided mainly with bonus buildings. With bonus points and doubloons every role the main contenders were Dark Elf, Bortacks, and Vhleow. The game ended with Bortacks winning.

An anti-climax to the game. We hurriedly pack the game back into the box and Arthas was more then ready to go home.

Bortacks can be a pain.

Which brings me to the saviour of the session: BANG! A light, Spaghetti Western themed card game that has fast and furious action if played properly with some house rules concerning the jail card.

With the new guy as the sheriff it was all out war! I was an outlaw with the ability to appear one range further from others making me hard to hit in the beginning of the game. This also made Bortacks (renegade) the main target of Dark Elf’s (outlaw) ability to draw a card from another player’s hand. Logically it should not be but with Bortacks continuously playing a draw from another player’s hand card on Dark ELF, the only target in range, they were trading cards like mad folks. Vhleow, put me in jail. Not thinking of using a house rule I was in jail for many-many rounds. The dynamite was passed around and Bortacks was caught between Vhleow and Dark Elf but managed to survive. Dark Elf seems to have his own brewery tucked in this self somewhere as beer flowed out of his like a river keeping his strength up. Vhleow tried to shoot me once or twice but missed, hitting the barrel I was hiding behind. The dynamite blew up while in the possession of Dark Elf, making his health level down to par with the rest of them not in jail, after being passed around for at least 3 turns and in all that time, I was in jail. After managing to break out I played the Indian card killing Bortacks and Dark Elf then I tried to play a Bang on Vhleow but he had a beer in his hand and I thought all is lost. But unable to finish me off Vhleow ended his turn with no Miss cards in hand thus his life was ended with a BANG! It was a big surprise to me the Bortacks was the renegade and not Dark Elf.

Thus the game ended on a high note for every one. With a hiatus for about least a week we hope our next gaming session will be good no matter what the game is.

Let's just say that if complete and utter chaos was lightning, he'd be the sort to stand on a hilltop in a thunderstorm wearing wet copper armour and shouting 'All gods are bastards'.
--Rincewind, The Color of Magic

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