Friday, September 08, 2006

Welcome The Month Of Ramadan

My favorite month of the year is fast approaching. As a sign of respect to the holy month of Ramadan we will not be any Night Game Session until after Ramadan.

Happy Ramadan to all Muslims out there, may all your deeds during the month of Ramadan be plenty and is accepted by Allah and see you at the mosque!


Anonymous said...

i have been following this blog for quite some time now and i really like it. kudos to ankabugt and his meeple gang. but 1 thing irks me though...the pictures. i fail to see the relevance of the pictures to the articles save the dracula pic. a caption perhaps might help rather than just putting a pic up just to make it look nice. anyway,keep up the good work!

delete the following if u approve my views since moderation is on,this comment might not make it,but i appreciate your time reading this.

Kamen Rider Ankabut said...

I thank you for following our blog here. I honestly never though any one would actually read it. I just post to write.

I agree the pictures seems to have no meaning what so ever but this is untrue. Each picture, the Necron Lord, Another Agito, and the Tree Bark has something to do with the post, it also carries with a deeper meaning and serve a purpose.

Here is a simple one. Take the Necron Lord and the last paragraph of the post. Link that to the name of the blog, and link that to what Necrons are.

Anonymous said...

ok. i see the relevance of 2 picturs but the tree bark thing beats the hell outa me. like i say, a caption perhaps. no point putting something only you would understand in a "community" blog. i mean your blog is targeted to expand gaming so it means other people other than your playgroup will read it, so if we don't understand it, you are not reaching out to us. i hope i dont offend you or anything, just my humble opinion.

Kamen Rider Ankabut said...

Your humility is noted.

This blog is for gamers everywhere to see you are correct. The Ramadan post is a tribute to Muslims as is the photo.

Have you ever heard of a Perplex City?