Monday, September 11, 2006

Egyptian Games

Last weekend was a good gaming week for us. We did Ra, Citadels and a new addition to our library, Cleopatra! SWEET! I was late on Saturday so i missed out on a few Ra sessions but i managed to play it twice so i guess it was ok. Generally the 2 games i played in, i chanted Ra the most..RA! RA! RA! Have no idea how to play the game so just do stupid stuff to analyze the game more. Sad to say, i still know nuts bout the game. Missed out on Citadels coz was playing magic for a while. Check out the previous blog for a review on Citadels.

darkelf bought Cleopatra before the shop closed so we did it on Sunday. Building up the palace was nice. I did this game twice too. Well ntneko and darkelf did it thrice but their first game was more of a test run. I was fed to the crocodile in my first game for being too corrupt. Sad...i became a tasty morsel...i m not gonna go into details bout this game coz i think ankabut will do a better review when he experienced the game but it was fun trying to build stuff without being too corrupt. Makes me wonder if the local contractors are like that. Maybe our government can feed the contractors who put in "shady" tenders to our local crocodiles...That would be nice:)

Several moons ago, August 27th to be exact, LonelyGamer put up a comment on the blog posting. We are just wondering, LonelyGamer are you based in ipoh? If yes, do hook up with us. Mail me or something. You can reach me at Hope to see you around.

Also we have suggestions for Friday nites gaming. Any takers?

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