Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Session report 15/9/06

A bunch of us had a game session at The Vault on the 15th. It was the 1st time we did it at night and in The Vault. Thanx to Wearn for opening up! The confirmed attendees for the night were Wearn, Peter, Conteng and yours truly. But to our utmost surprise Hans da' man showed up. Seems like my tactic of "making him feel guilty for abandoning us" did work:P After buying snacks and loitering around trying to settle down we finally started a 5 player game of Puerto Rico around 9pm.

Suffice to say, we spent some time explaining the rules to Peter and Conteng who were joining us for the 1st time. Once they got a grip of the game, it was pretty smooth flowing from then on. Halfway through the game Terrence dropped by but he gotta leave to catch a movie. THANX FOR DROPPING BY DUDE! Was really nice of him to show up just to show us some support. The game started Hans try to build Starbucks and make cigars but failed. Barely have any Victory Points halfway through the game. Wearn was trying to understand how the goes having played it before some time ago. He did make some good moves notably monopolizing tobacco. Conteng and Peter was spending their time getting into the groove. Me? I was multi-producing 4 types of crops just to diversify and building some of the better buildings available. The 1st game ended around 10.30 with me being the victor:)

Then Hans got to leave and to our delight, Joey showed up! sweeet! So off we go again trying to "make" the best island. With Joey showing up, my previous game strategy was basically screwed. He made lots of unexpected but wise decisions that left me reeling trying to catch up. But unfortunately, the player who benefited most from Joey is Peter who was sitting next to Joey. Peter even have the galls to build a large warehouse and store 80% of the available corn cubes. So during the Craftsman phase, no much corn is available for harvest. dang! Wearn kinda switched off from the game after confessing he made a wrong move and that demoralised him. Hope this doesn't scar him for life!:) Conteng did some cool moves too. He did Hospice and University so all his stuff comes fully powered. But it wasn't enough to stop Peter from running away with victory. Good Game!

Went back around was an enjoyable gaming experience for all of us to say the least...Thanx everybody for showing up!!!

Stay tuned for a first session report on Railroad Tycoon!

p.s. Wearn's cat, AhBoo nearly bit me after i tried to save our snacks...scared the living hell outa me. Note to self, cut down on snacks during games.

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