Thursday, September 21, 2006

Puerto Rico is still cool!

Haha, I was contemplating putting up a post about our session last Friday but was too lazy. Good thing too coz Y!pp!e ended up doing it so that saved me the trouble :) As he mentioned, it was a good gaming night and darkelf & I made two new friends thru Puerto Rico.

As for Y!pp!e's victory in the first game, I feel he did play pretty well and used his astute strategy and positioning right from the start. From sitting right smack between the 2 new guys who didn't know what to do, to 'teaching' them how to play the game and 'what to do', the path to victory was inevitable..

Haha, just ribbing ya, mate!

Anyway, as Y!pp!e mentioned, I pretty much tuned out in the second game after making the darndest brainfart right in the first turn. I still cannot explain what made me do it, but someone chose Builder and my first building for the game? A small warehouse. Yup. So much stuff to store... wait a second, I'm not even producing anything yet so... arrgh! And from that point on the game was as good as gone for me. With no goods and no way to generate income bar prospector and other roles with gold on them, I couldn't get my first production building till a few turns later and by that time it was impossible for me to catch up. GG

Still, all was not lost as I still enjoyed the night and watching Peter hoard all the corn. Man, he had more corn than you can poke a stick at, and with a warehouse to protect it he was raking in the points. Definately a good victory for him.

After that game we were pretty much beat for the night and given that it was already past midnight we decided to call it a night. Hmm.. 3 nights in a sentence. Definately overusing it haha.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to organizing another game session with Y!pp!e's help so stay tuned to this blog. We'll post more info as it comes along.

P/s - Y!pp!e, waving fish snacks around in front of cat is not the smartest thing to do. You can spell smart, right. SMRT! hahahaha

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