Tuesday, November 07, 2006

News Update

The Spiel episode 16 is out! My favorite board game audiocast it back with more games, news, and tips.

So sorry for the 4 day blog silence. I have no idea what to post. I was not too busy to post, and you should know how I hate that dishonest excuse, I just do not know what to post. I missed the week end games (exams) and I will most probably miss next week end games (more exams). Monday I was neck deep in Splinter Cell.

Sunday the 5th was the last chance of the year to get unlisted games from Imagine Games here. For the rest of the year all we are getting are games that are listed on Imagine Games. I did order a few unlisted games and pre-orderBattleLore for my family board game library. Expect more previews and reviews as I find the gaming group in my family.

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