Monday, November 13, 2006

From Essen With Love

Here is a list for games arriving on the 14th from Essen. From Imagine Games:

New Arrivals
1st wave from Essen:
- Zoch - Hamsterolle, Haste Bock (Shear Panic), Heck Meck, O Zoo Le Mio, Villa Paletti.
- Eggertspiele - Imperial, Antike, Die Dolmengotter, John Silver.
- Z-Man - Santiago, Silk Road, Take Stock.
- Splotter - Antiquity, Roads&Boats, Indonesia.
- Others - Die Macher, Santy Anno, Settlers of Catan 10th Anniversary (3D pieces!) w exclusive Atlantis expansion, Emerald, Mr Jack, Niagara expansion, Power Grid Europe/Benelux maps, Himalaya, Hameln (SOLD OUT!!!), Evo, Timbuktu.

Don't forget, we had some kool new stuff before we left for Essen including ViktoryII (5-6 players), Mykerinos, Masons, Amun Re, all the new Dungeoneer series, Seismic, 10 days series, and even the latest exclusives, Wayfinder and Control Nut.

Note: I'm going to Kuala Lumpur for the week and so if you want a game or two e-mail me.

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