Thursday, November 02, 2006

Battle Lore Pre-Order Special!

Copied And Posted From Imagine Games:

We will be taking pre-orders for Battlelore: The epic fantasy battle game from Days of Wonder wef 1 November 2006.

Confirm your order via email and get an exclusive Hill Giant promo figure absolutely free! Then, attend our Battlelore Launch Party in December and get another exclusive Earth Elemental figure free! You only need to pay when you receive the game, estimated to be by the 1st week of December.

Our special play-test team comprising Ryan, Kok Keong, Shyam & Andreas (from Singapore Meet-up) tried the game at Essen and gave it a resounding thumbs up! They even exchanged pointers with the game’s highly acclaimed designer, Richard Borg.

For fans of Memoir’44, Battlelore is MUCH MUCH MORE of a game than Memoir. The rule book reads like an adventure story, and the use of magic and character abilities make it very rich. Also, Eric Hautement (CEO, Days of Wonder), took great pains to assure me that Battlelore is a system (ie. more than just a game), which means you can use with your own figures, and create your own scenarios. Also, while an exciting range of add-ons are planned, they will strictly be non-collectible. You should also know that many in the industry regard Eric and the DoW team as “genuinely nice people” committed to creating games of exceptional quality, and not follow the path of infinite expansions!


Flashback :: Last year, we ran a pre-order for the World of Warcraft board game, giving an exclusive map & bronze figure from Blizzard. Many people DID NOT bother to pre-order, but then begged endlessly for a precious figure... Well, they got NONE!

BattleLore Estimated At 269MYR

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