Saturday, July 22, 2006

Forward: Local Gaming Scene

Here is a comment that is worth a post. Since I put up our blog at BoardGameGeek we have recieved much support and news. And to think we missed all of it all this while. But seriusly we rarely go to Kuala Lumpur anyway.

hey ipoh gamers, do you know of the huge euro gaming scene in kl?
check out:
for all the latest euro games, next day delivery to ipoh via city link express and cash back rewards program.
for the latest news on gaming group activities/events in kl, spore and thailand.

read NST saturday issue for "wanna play?", a column dedicated to euro board games. in addition to comics corner stores, check out york house (bangsar shopping center), room (klcc, midvalley & 1utama), games circle (damansara jaya), toybox (paramount garden) & trisha sasha (desa sri hartamas) who carry euro games.

imagine games is the official distributor of fantasy flight, riogrande, days of wonder,
eagle, gmt, mmp, atlas, zman, asmodee, zoch, kosmos, uberplay,
face2face, amigospiele, rackham (confrontation minis) for malaysia.


Feeling bad about our past orders I calculated and compared our pass orders from Thought Hammer and these guys. I am happy to report that the prices are too not far apart. Some are cheaper and some are expansive. I also compared these guys to ComicCor and on many items the prices are diffrent. So some games are cheaper in one shop then the other after adding everything like shipping of course.

So I promise on our next pool order we will buy from the shop with the best prices.

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