Friday, July 28, 2006

First Look - Battleground Fantasy Warfare

Battleground: Fantasy Warfare is a war-game that uses cards to represent battalions instead of miniatures. Players creates an army based on the agreed points. The game has elements of any miniature war-game and more.

The game utilities some very interesting engines.

Players rolls a number of d6 to get a number of successes. A successful roll is equal or less then the target number. The target number is equal to a skill minus the appropriate opposite skill. (#d6) #/# versus -#/-#

Each Battleground card is exactly 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. These measurement are used to measure range for range attacks and movement. Measurement begins from ½S (1.25 inches) to LL (3.5 x 2) and so on. In short everything in the game could be measured using the long and short side of the cards. Each unit card has a half way mark making measurement and battles easier.

The game also utilities a standing order system for giving orders to the units. There are basically 3 main types of orders:

R = range (unless there is a target within range move towards the nearest enemy, attack)
C = close (move towards nearest enemy then attack if possible)
H = hold (stay stationary and attack if possible)

Basically a unit that has been given the order will continue with the order regardless until the order is changed. Players has a limited number of command points. Command points are used to give/change orders take control of a unit and/or draw a command card.

Command Cards:
Command cards are tactical cards that bend the rules, boots stats, or degrade them. Typical in dual games.

A moral system is also implemented in this game. A unit flanked or badly damaged will have to make a courage/route check. Failure results in the whole unit turning around and runs away. Unit battling fearsome units must make fear checks or lose one point in all offensive stats.

These are some of the basic rules of the game. More advanced games may include a point based victory system, scenarios, terrain and much more.

Check out these PDFs for the official rules:

Basic Rules
Advance Rules

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