Monday, January 15, 2007


I hate CCGs and TCGs. They are the same thing. They always cut into my board game time. I don't like it that I have to buy to play and I have to buy more to improve. I don't like it that it is more often then not, a dual, leaving others watching unable to join. Not wanting to play because I do not know the rules is not the games fault, but not being able to play because I do not have the money is.

That's why I start board gaming. It's everything a CCG is not. A one time buy, multi-player friendly, and a level playing field. I could drag total strangers into a fun session of board gaming but with CCGs it is not that easy. Understand that a price af a booster pack could feed you for a day here.

I just bought 2 starter boxes of World Of Warcraft Trading Card Game this past weekend.

Why do such a hypocritical thing like that? Table Top Games such as board games, or card games are not about the games. Table top games are about the people who play them. A game could be a total waste but with the right people it could be the most entertaining experience of your life.

My gaming friends here, especially the major 3 has always been there when I brought in new games. Always. No matter what game it is. It is usually I who went "Hey! Try this!" and they would just play along even if they have to buy to play. This time they are the ones who are excited. They are the ones who started and brought in a game. And it is time to return the favor.

Will this game be different from the other collectible games that came here to die? I hope so. I have read the rule book from cover to cover but have yet to try a single game thanks to the slew of MTG tournaments this week end. WOWTCG reminds me allot of all the collectible games I use to play. It has elements of MTG, V:TES, Warlords, and the VS System.

Want to know what it is all about and how the game works? Go click the Trigger Link below. I will put up a preview of the game after I played it at least once.

Trigger Link

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Aik Yong said...

Nooooo, no TCGsss.... evillll...

well. actually, i got to play a friend's deck on WOWTCG. Seems like an entry level simple CCG. Good for beginners, i suppose. Not for me, though.