Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So Many Games So Little Time

Since I got my hands on Battlelore I only got to play 3 complete games. I find Battlelore very balanced. At all points of the game the tide of war could go either side. To some amateurs the game looks pure random with cards and dice putting too much variable in the game to make any strategy a null. Strangely enough the game guys that play CCGs.

Battlelore has more in common to CCGs then many of the board games that I have played, but of course with a twist. Engines like dealing the situation with what you got, and using cards to bend the rules are present here too. The war council lets players mold their own game avatar, shaping their own rules. This feature is used in many CCGs. Hand size, power, and ability of a player is determined by the war council.

Unlike CCGs however battle are fought using a ratio instead of a number versus number system. A standard short swordsman has a 1 in 3 chance of hitting another short swordsman and 1 in 6 chance of hitting a calvary man. The dice brings allot of randomness to a battle but combined with the ratios of hitting it feels more like a real war. Think of it as a general instead of an omnipotent creature giving an order to the troops.

The reference cards are pure genius. Any gamer with a common sense could read the cards and get the gist of the game in moments. This is where CCG gamers shine. They are suppose to not mind reading lines of text from a card.

So far I got no complains about the game except for the limited number of players. That could be rectify yes but it is not part of the official rules.

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