Friday, October 27, 2006

The Spiel

Need an idea what board game to get? Then listen to The Spiel for news, reviews, and previews of games you will want to play.

I have always told anyone who would listen to me to listen to podcasts (audiocast as I like to call it now) instead. Free and easy you could listen to audiocasts and be informed anywhere anytime.

Now that we have upgraded to beta I have added The Spiel Enhanced Audiocast feed on to our site. The Spiel is an audiocast by Stephen Conway and Davis Coleson. You will need iTunes to listen to the enhanced version of this audiocast and I highly recommend you to do so. There is an MP3 version of the audicast but I think you will see why the Enhanced version of The Spiel is the board game audiocast to took forward to.

The guys at The Spiel has highly influenced my wish list of games and their reviews have not done me wrong. So give The Spiel a try and spread the word.

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