Sunday, October 29, 2006

Perplexcity Game Of The Year

It takes hard work for a board game to get the game of the year award like Spiel des Jahres. A board game must be family friendly, reasonably competitive, reasonably challenging and has good components to win the game of the year award. A board game with the game of the year award almost guarantees a good fun time.

Out comes Perplexcity. Perplexcity is not exactly a collectible card game. You collect the cards, you sometimes trade them, and they do have rarity but that is where the similarity ends. You do not play duels with it but there is a game to be played.

On each card is a puzzle, and on its back is a piece of a clue usually a map. The puzzle if solved gives you points on the Perplexcity web site. The clue on the back leads to the location of a stolen object. A stolen object from the imaginary Perplex city. Who ever finds this object can win 20,000USD.

Because of the success of the game they decided to release a board game version of Perplexcity. A board game without an entry on board game geek (the moment I am writing this post). A board game that gave itself the game of the year award.

Is this the first kink in the integrity of board games awards amour? I hope not. I think such marketing ploys should be stopped.


Ben said...

If you look closely you'll see that the award for best prize was given by the Perplex City Academy Games. Part of the "in game" reality.

Kamen Rider Ankabut said...

True, I did say that the game itself gave itself an award.

But it is still misleading. Especially to those who are new to board games. The game is clearly marked with "Game Of The Year" even though the award is from fictional and a uncreditable source.